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How often should I bring in my bike for a tune-up?

Generally, once a year is considered to be enough for most riders. Ride more? Maybe twice a year. A good rule of thumb is to tune-up after every 1000 miles.

How do I pick the right bike for me?

Think about what you want to use the bike. Commuter? Racing? Mountain? Etc…
What’s your price range?
We’ll help you find the right bike in your price range that will meet your riding needs.
The best way for you to appreciate what we at Highlander Bike have to offer is for you to visit a few of the other shops and see what they can do and then come and see us, you will be impressed. New customers often comment on how knowledgeable and helpful we are. Some of our best customers have been coming in for over 30 years. We will help you find a high quality bike that fits your needs or desires and we will likely save you a lot of money. We build em. We sell em, We ride em, and we repair em. We have a pretty good idea what will work for you.
Every bike we sell comes with a pro frame fit ($50.00 value)

Where do I register my bike?

You can register your bike with the National Bike Registry.


Do you offer test rides?



How do know I'm getting a good bike?

Here’s our “SLS”  bike philosophy:  Strong, Light and Simple. A bike should be strong, durable and dependable.
It should be as light weight as possible without compromising durability. The design of a bike should be simple so that repairs and maintenance is not complicated.

Should I buy a bike online?

Online bike buying is risky. Typically the bikes sold on line are bikes that manufacturers can’t get into bike shops. In other words bike shops don’t want them for a number of reasons, but it’s typically a quality issue. Here are top most important concerns to consider when purchasing a bike on line: Not all bikes are measured the same. Will it fit?, who will fit it to you? How much more will that cost?
Who will assemble it? Who will service it? How much more will that cost? Who will help you with warranty issues? When you take your obvious “on line purchase” to your local bike shop, because you and your friends can’t get it to work properly, they will know that you left them out of the loop, that you don’t support them and are not likely to be concerned about the local economy. They may fear that you will be one of their least tolerable customers, those who use them to get as much information about the products they sell so that they can then buy them on line, in effect stealing as much information as they can so that they can save themselves a little money. We know that we are competing with the internet and there will be certain items  you will find that can save you a little money. All we’re saying is that you will likely need  the services of your  local bike shops in the futureand if you do not support them  they may soon  disappear. Then all you will have is the internet and kids at the big box stores to help you with you cycling needs.


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