tune up

Great repairs, great prices

Tune up $84.95

Adjust Front and Rear Brakes
Adjust Derailleurs (Gears, shifting)
Lubricate Chain, Cables, Pivots
Light Wheel True/Spokes Adjusted
Tighten Cranks Arms/Pedals/Stems Bars
Adjust Loose Bearings, Headset, Hubs
Hubs Light Cleaning

24 Hour Tune Up $150

If you’ve waited to the last minute and you need it next day. These are limited to when one of our mechanics can stay after-hours. They get paid extra for doing so, because they deserve it.

Overhaul $250

Everything From the Tune Up +

Removal of parts for cleaning and reassembly

Repacking of Hubs / Bottom Bracket / Headset
Wheel True


  1. Lubricate/clean brake cables
  2. Cantilever
  3. V and road brakes
  4. BMX and U brakes
  5. Mechanical disc
  6. Hydraulic disc adjustment
  7. Hydraulic disc break bleeding (brake bleeding is not included in Tune Up)
  8. Rotor installation (new wheel)
  9. Rotor removal and install (old wheel)
  10. Brake lever installation (flat bar)
  11. STI Lever Installation (Drop Bar w/ Shifting)
    • Lever Installation does not include Brake or shifting adjustments


  1. Rack/ computer/ fender install
  2. Kickstand install (includes sizing & cutting)
  3. Box bike for shipping
  4. Child Seat Install
  5. Hydraulic dropper post line bleed



  1. Crank Install Labor (with existing bottom bracket)
  2. New Bottom Bracket install labor
  3. Bottom Bracket Overhaul (Creak)
  4. Tighten Crank/Bottom Bracket
  5. Bottom Bracket Facing
  6. Chainring install
  7. Pedal install
  8. Toe-Clip Install
  9. Tap Crank (re-cut threads for pedal)


  1. Chain Lube
  2. Chain Installation
  3. Chain Removal
  4. Chain deep cleaning (includes removal/install)


  1. Derailleur Adjustment
  2. Derailleur Installation
  3. Pulley Replacement
  4. Install Freewheel
  5. Install Cassette
  6. Lubricate Shift Cables
  7. Install Cable – STI & Regular Mtn.
  8. Install Cable – Grip Shift
  9. Derailleur Hanger/Frame Alignment


  1. Tighten Stem/Handlebars/Headset
  2. Shock Adjustment (air)
  3. Hand Grip Installation
  4. Fork Installation
  5. Headset Overhaul
  6. Headset Installed
  7. Handlebar Tape Installation


  1. Basic Wheel True (Lateral)
  2. Wheel Build
  3. Hub Overhaul
  4. Tube Install
  5. Tire Install
  6. Tubeless Tire Setup
  7. Tire Liner Install
  8. Tube Slime Install
  9. Tubeless Sealant Install
    • a $5 additional service charge will be applied to all repairs requiring removal of chaingaurds or training wheels